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Anti aging kit of 3 products, epidermal ceramides day cream, dermal repair serum, skin resurfacing night serum

Anti Aging Treatment Kit

Night treatment serum 1oz, 30ml ; Day treatment serum 1oz, 30ml ; Day Effect 2oz, 60ml
USD $198

Hypoallergenic, All Skin Types - Complimentary Shipping

Product Brief

Three dermatology anti aging serums, each target one aspect of aging skin, integrated in one synergistic kit for maximal yield

No analogy to anything you may recall, this evidence-based skin care puts by all others by the novelty it bears, the purity in which it clothes itself and the grasp it lays upon every single skin cell

Among most well-known theories elucidating skin aging, oxidative stress created by free radical damage as well as cellular senescence theory which proclaim activation of matrix metalproteinases, decreased proliferation of epidermal cells and production of dermal synthesis may be named. these changes manifests with rhytide formation, xerosis cutis, actinic purpura and dermal/epidermal atrophy.

Dermal and epidermal aging

Skin aging is detrimental to spatial assembly of collagen and elastin networks and their interactions, which is, in part, affected by dermal glycoproteins. hyaluronic acid, a major glycosaminoglycan, highly charged polysaccaride molecules attached to proteins, of extracellular matrix, generated not only by fibroblasts yet by keratinocytes.

These structural molecules of extra-cellular matrix, which by crosslinking with collagen and elastin fibers constitute a network, substantiates a function in skin repair and regeneration, which, in turn, affected by epidermal growth factor and transforming growth factor beta.

Cutaneous aging

Cutaneous aging, deterioration of extra cellular network of fibers and glycosaminoglycans

Stem cell research and genetically engineered growth factors

Epidermal growth factors and other growth factors, transforming growth factor beta, derived from stem cells, are cytokines with regenerative and reparative properties and promote intrinsic wound healing and skin regeneration. Cytokines are biomolecules which establish interactions between various cells and cell components. Epidermal growth factor and fibroblasts growth factors enhance cell survival by reducing free radicals generation and ensued DNA damage.

These growth factors have been recognized and successfully utilized to promote epidermal proliferation and extracellular matrix constituents and successfully incorporated into Hippocrates dermal repair complex, anti aging serum of Day Treatment.  Mechanical stability of the skin is very much dependent on dermal proteins, predominantly collagen type I, as well as elastin fibers, glycoproteins and glycosaminoglycans.

Evidenced-based dermatology skin care

Evidence-based skin care is the most widely used anti aging modality available today. This anti aging skin care kit includes three anti aging products, two anti aging serums, Night treatment and Day Treatment and one transdermal corrective hydrator, Day Effect.

Night Treatment Serum

Keratinocytes, epidermal cells, possess the capability to regenerate the skin perpetually, within the span of 28 days, and contribute to natural wound healing once an injury incurs. Aged keratinocytes become less viable, often as a result of photoaging, UVB (280-320nm) and UVA (320-400nm) radiation, and are far less competent for skin regeneration. UVB, the longer wavelength, is the one that mainly reaches dermis and stokes disorganization of dermal fibers.

Concurrent with extrinsic factors such as UV lights which gives rise to skin’s aging phenomenon, intrinsic processes, cellular senescence, largely genetically influenced, function to frustrate skin’ proliferative activity and cellular biosynthesis which, in turn, lead to egregious disruption of dermal matrix.

Anti aging serum of Night Treatment mainly targets skin regeneration by process of skin resurfacing to enhance skin’s resiliency and reduce appearance of lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration and age spots. Skin resurfacing results of anti aging serum of Night Treatment is very much comparable to that of laser procedures done in a dermatologist clinic.

Best anti aging serum leverages rich anti oxidants content while keratolytic agents operate to enhance skin regeneration. Retinoinds, such as Retin-A, with effective keratolytic activity deplete skin’s intrinsic antioxidants by inhibiting NF-E2 related factor 2, Nrf2, result in reduced catalase (CAT), superoxide dismutase (SOD1) and gluthantione s-transferase (GST). Hippocrates anti aging serum has been invented with provision of protective antioxidants simultaneous with engaging in production of skin’s own natural antioxidants.

Variation in sebum production is a hallmark of number of skin diseases. With aging, the skin is severely bereaved of phosphelipids, sustaining cell membranes and the sebaceous lipids which some rein in inflammation and others maintain skin barrier functions. This anti aging serum relinquishes the skin with vital lipids and essential fatty acids to promote and establish skin’s homeostasis.

Night Treatment Serum

Night Treatment Serum

Day Treatment Serum

Day Treatment, day anti aging serum, primary focus is to target dermal repair and to address  dermal aging and skin aging due to loss of connective tissue fibers, glycoporteins and hyaluronic acid. With aging connective tissue fibers, majorly collagen, are threatened by skin matrix metaloproteinases, MMP, as well as deterioration of proteoglycans in dermis.

Cytoprotective actions of the serum

Matrix metaloproteinases, MMPs, are a family of ubiquitous proteinase enzymes which degrade and remodel extracellular matrix, with MMP1 which degrade collagen type I, II, III, VII and some proteoglycans while MMP2 disintegrate collagen type IV, V, proteoglycans. laminin, fibronectin and elastin.

Reacative oxygen species, ROS, induce fibroblasts and keratinocytes to release of matrix metaloproteinases which disintegrate extracellular matrix components and dermal fibers. Nrf2 is the principal transcription factor which upregulates cytoprotective enzymes, namely, catalase and SOD and GST.

Adjunct skin care to retinoid cream

Inhibtion of Nrf2 occurs with aging and with some of the most commonly used skin care preparations such as retinoids, frequently used as an anti wrinkle agents by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.  Anti aging serum of Day Treatment is greatly suggested to be used as an adjunct while retinoid creams are used to enhance level of skin’s own natural anti oxidants.

Restoring integrity of the dermis, second skin’s layer, and its main constituents is the principal focus of this anti aging serum of dermal repair complex. The serum authority, in part, is exerted by leveraging some of the most robust cell conservants such as resveratrol and alpha lipoic acid in a marine algae medium. Day Treatment which is in full synergy with transepidermal hydrators, aimed to produce optimal results in control of dermal and epidermal aging.


Day Treatment Serum

Day Treatment Serum

Day Treatment is suggested to be used with Day Effect and Night Treatment to bring optimal results. It is important to note that there is a synergistic effect between anti aging serum of Night Treatment, anti aging serum of Day Treatment and Day Effect, which is a corrective hydrator.

For delicate areas around the eye, anti aging eye serum, which comes in three formula, is recommended. For eye contours three serums has been dedicated, each targets one primary concern, sagginess of eye contours, eye puffiness and dark circles.

Corrective Transepidermal Hydrator, Day Effect

Depletion of glycosaminoglycans is one of the phenomenons associated with skin aging which results in less stability of dermal fibers, collagen and elastin and their susceptibility to degradation under influence of MMPs. Day Effect primarily affects skin glycosaminoglycans(GAGs) to increase dermal hydration and integrity, and enhances firming effect of Day Treatment on sagging skin. This anti aging cream is fortified with growth factors to restore metabolic functions of the dermis and prevents aging processes.

Our evidence based anti aging skin care embodies in Night Treatment Kit which includes a. Night Treatment, 30ml b. Day Effect, 60ml c. Day Treatment, 30ml

Anti aging moisturizer

Corrective transepidermal hydrator

The total value of USD $278 for USD $198.

Use of a sun screen is greatly recomended while this anti aging dermatology kit is used.

  • Open the bottle and empty the dropper content within the bottle. Close the bottle and shake it well to activate the anti aging serum product. Take between 10-20 drops with each use. With anti aging serum for night, slight tingling and redness may occur, which is temporary. If redness continues, skip night serum for one night and resume the next night. Please read inside brochure.

    For anti aging serum of Day, do the same as above stated to get the serum activated each time. Slight tingling and transient redness may be experienced with each use.