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Anti aging moisturizer for men

Day Effect for men

60 ml - 2 fl.oz
USD $92

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Product Brief

Skincare for men, daily anti aging moisturizer, Day Effect

Corrective anti aging lift with ceramides, seaweed peptides and ester-C complex

    • To rejuvenate and restore the skin depleted elements as a result of aging
    • To regulate skin water loss and increase permeability and flexibility of cell membranes
    • To greatly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
    • To replenish and lock moisture inside skin cells with aminoglycosides
    • To nourish the skin with micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins and GLA
    • To minimize the appearance of lines, this essential skincare for men helps to firm and tone the skin
    • To improve skin elasticity and firmness, your at-home lift up regimen

Men’s skin type, condition and hormonal environment is distinct and warrants specialized treatment. This corrective anti aging moistuizer for men is tailored to men’s skin and its particular demands from facial fine lines and wrinkles to those of contours of the neck, from skin discolorations and age spots to the skin sagginess and loss of tone. This element of our anti aging skincare for men is a supply of two months. Day Effect works in synergy with anti aging serum, Night Treatment and anti aging serum, Day Treatment or day skincare for men. The three products are to be used together for ideal performance.

  • May be worn over Day Treatment.

  • May be worn over Day Treatment.