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Skin resurfacing night serum

Skin Resurfacing complex serum

30 ml - 1 fl.oz
USD $94

Hypoallergenic, All skin types, complimentary shipping

Product Brief

Wrinkle defense retexturizing anti aging treatment, a night serum

An element of evidence-based skin care to control and contain dermal and epidermal aging, one all-inclusive formulation to provide for all your skin’s aging concerns during night


  • To retexturize and wrinkle defense the skin
  • To correct double chin and improve jawline and neck definition
  • To greatly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • To nourish the skin with micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins and gamma linolenic acid, GLA
  • To protect the skin against free radicals, inflammation and skin aging using flavonoids, polyphenols and alpha lipoic acid and resveratrol
  • To see improved skin texture and clarity in just 7 days
  • To eradicate freckles, skin discolorations and age spots. Night serum even tone the skin using Kojic Acid
  • To brighten the skin, efficiently resurface and energize skin’s ability to renew itself
  • To enhance age-related decline in dermal level of hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans, which deteriorate as a result of skin aging



    Night treatment is suggested to be used in conjunction with Day Effect and Day Treatment to bring maximum results. It is important to note that there is a synergism among the three formulations, which means conjunctive use of the three formulations potentiates the effect of each anti aging product. Night Treatment, Day Treatment and Day Effect. Day Effect also enhances firming effect of Day Treatment on sagging skin. Night Treatment Kit includes three products a. Night Treatment b. Day Effect c. Day Treatment

    Night treatment could be initiated during fourth decade of life and continued as aging takes more toll within the skin. During thirties night serum works as a preventive resource while during later ages functions to eliminate visible signs of skin aging.

  • How to use night serum How to use Night Treatment

    Night treatment must be used at night. It has a synergistic effect with Day Treatment and Day Effect . These three products may be used together to produce maximum result. Night Treatment, 30ml, is a two-month supply. The complex formula is infused into a micro-molecular serum with discrete water and oil-based components to enhance its potency.

    Product activation

    Open the bottle of night treatment, empty the dropper content inside the bottle, shake the bottle to activate the product before each use. Start with ten drops and increase as your skin tolerates to twenty drops each night.

    Dermatology skin care is a regimen

    Evidence-based dermatology products to improve health of your skin consists of a three-product anti aging regimen. Use Day Effect during the day while using night treatment serum at nights. The skin demands more hydration and nutrients while regeneration course of the skin is more activated.

    Sun block use is essential during use of anti aging kit and night serum. Photo aging is the number one contributing factor in process of skin aging as sun light exposure is associated with generation of free radicals within the skin layers.

    Please read inside the brochure.

  • Skin aging

    The process of skin’s regeneration and epithelial renewal occurs as a result of keratinocytes, the most superficial skin cells, differentiation within the epidermal layer. With aging the metabolic processes which control skin’s regeneration decelerate. While the epidermidal functions hamper, the dermal layer, where the connective tissue fibers collagen and elastin reside, also undergoes constant changes. The detrimental effect of aging on dermal and epidermal processes implicates several axis, increase in free radicals generation, less oxygenation and accumulation of metabolic byproducts which all substantially contribute to indolent skin’s regeneration and skin’s aging.

    Change in dermal density with use of night serum

    Change in dermal density with use of the product

    Night treatment to restore skin’s metabolic functions

    Best night serum for aging skin aims to restore metabolic functions within the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin by providing the skin with nutrients which fortify these metabolic processes impeded by aging and inefficient skin’s circulation. Night serum, an element of dermatology skin care, optimizes dermal fibroblasts metabolism in order to recover sluggish functions and stagnated circulation. Night serum works efficiently within epidermis to enhance epithelial regeneration yet its constant use is associated with invigorated connective tissue fibers, greater dermal thickness and increased skin’s elasticity.

    Night treatment synergy with dermal repair serum

    Night serum works in synergy with dermal repair complex serum, Day Treatment, to strain aging processes. The two skin products work in two different axis with one common goal, that is more youthful skin. While collagen type I is the primary strengthtening fiber providing mechanical support to the skin, elastin fibers as well as proteoglycans shape a dermal network and contribute to the dynamic of the skin. Spatial organization of these fibers and highly-charged polysaccaride molecules also deliver sturdiness and competence to the skin to combat environmental harshness. Dermal repair serum leverages growth factors to activate and maintain metabolic processes within the dermis.

    Dermal repair complex serum

    Dermal repair complex serum

    Day Effect works in synergy with Night Treatment

    Day Effect, transepidermal hydrator, works also in synergy with night serum and dermal repair serum, Day Treatment, to enhance the anti aging effect of the two other skin products. Day Effect is to work during day to replenish the depleted nutrients the skin seeks when the skin regeneration course is significantly accelerated. Day Effect mimics the sebum essential lipids and in that it humbly conforms to skin’s ambient standards. Day Effect is to compensate for the essential elements lost mainly in western diet, namely, gamma linolenic acid, involved in maintenance of skin hydration and containing inflammatory reactions. Day Effect also functions to deliver glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans and contribute to dermal reorganization.

    Anti aging moisturizer

    Corrective transepidermal hydrator

    Dermatology anti aging kit

    Anti aging serum

    An anti aging kit with three products, Night Treatment 30ml, Day Treatment 30ml and Day Effect 60ml.

    Anti aging kit comprises of three skin products, complimentary to one another, to optimize the anti aging effect of the final product. While night serum largely functions to satisfy epidermal rejuvenation, dermal repair serum undertakes dermal connective tissue fibers to restore metabolic functions of the skin. The three products may be used together to more effectively produce favorable results. The dermatology anti aging kit performance has been assessed at three levels, free radical generation within the skin, skin’s lactate level and oxygen consumption.

    Anti aging sun block, prevention comes first

    Anti aging sunscreen

    Anti aging sunscreen

    Use of a sunscreen is very much suggested as a preventive method to help the skin fight against free radicals oxidation and skin’s aging. During use of night serum sun screen becomes more essential. Hippocrates sunblock is enriched with anti aging ingredients and it is by itself self-sufficient as an anti aging care during the day.

    Night Treatment and eye contours

    For delicate eye area, eye treatment serums are suggested rather than use of night serum as dermatology of eye contours in terms of its circulation, dermal thickness and sebaceous glands density is distinct from rest of the facial skin. Three formulations has been developed to tailor specific challenges of eye contours, to be mainly used during night. Anti aging eye treatment serum, eye serum for puffiness, eye serum for dark circles.

    Anti aging eye serum

    Anti aging eye serum

    Four versions of Night Treatment

    Night treatment serum is hypoallergenic, suitable even to most sensitive skin and it comes in four versions, each suitable for a particular skin condition. One serum is specifically bioengineered for very dry skin condition, one for very sensitive skin, one for very mature skin, age over sixty five and one for normal to dry skin.

    Night serum for sensitive skin

    Night Serum for Sensitive Skin

    Night serum for very dry skin

    Night Serum for Very Dry Skin

    Night serum for mature skin

    Night Serum for Mature Skin

    A note on sensitive skin

    It is not uncommon to individuals to perceive their skin as sensitive while they, in fact, do not have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is usually overeactive to various stimuli, from dryness, sunlight, various irritants, even in some cases various skin care formulations. Overreactivity of sensitive skin manifests itself as redness, dryness, pruritius and when it is more settled may show excoriations, papules and vesicles which can lead to plaques, crusting and skin lichenification.

    Atopic dermatitis

    Atopy and sensitive skin, spongiosis, perivascular edema and infiltration of T-cells and macrophages are seen


    Contact dermatitis

    Contact dermatitis